Located in Rehearsal Room 2 of The Egg

11:30am -1:15pm Monday through Friday

This group was created for ANYONE interested in getting your butt in shape, literally! Throughout the program, we will provide you with insightful information about each of the exercise movements used, which muscle groups are specifically targeted and how this will affect your glutes, legs and core!

Worried that working your glutes will make your butt look even bigger?!? Unless you are squatting 200+ lbs, the only thing this month-long routine will do is make your backside look the best it ever has! Not to mention help shape your legs, too!

Not sure how to execute each move? Join the 30-Day Empower Challenge Booty Bootcamp Facebook group for daily guidance and how-to videos!
*Note: Any YouTube Videos used were not created and are not affiliated with Empower State Plaza Fitness. They are for reference only.


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